EP3 Civic Type R

Posted on November 17th, 2010 by Shenron
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EP3 Civic Type-R (1997 – 2000)

In 2001 Honda introduced the next generation of the Civic Type R (EP3) as a unique 3 door hatchback to the UK market, which was manufactured in Swindon, England. This EDM Civic Type R featured a 197hp 2.0L i-VTEC engine (K20A) and the regular Type R treatment of seam welding, close ratio transmission and uprated brakes, but did not include some of the other higher-end features, such as the helical LSD and Recaro race-seats, that were standard in the previous generation EK9. However, Honda Japan still had a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) version of the EP3 (which was also manufactured in Swindon, but shipped to Japan for finishing touches), which retained the highly renowned helical LSD similar to that of the EK9.

honda civic type r ep3 EP3 Civic Type R

Other differences included a more track-oriented chassis with undercarriage settings as compared to the EDM, as well as a 214 BHP engine with different camshafts and ECU programming. The JDM EP3 was also available in the traditional Type R championship white while the EDM was not. The EDM has more relaxed gear ratios and some high rpm horse power traded for low rpm torque compared to the JDM .

ep3 1 EP3 Civic Type R

The EDM EP3 Civic Type R was much acclaimed by motoring journalists across the UK, winning ‘Hot Hatch of the Year’ awards more than once from Top Gear, Fifth Gear and What Car?. The Civic Type R became a popular alternative for mainstream drivers clocking huge sales numbers. The 2001 release of this CTR, as it is commonly referred to, also indicated Honda’s return to Formula One after almost 10 years as an engine supplier to the Jordan and BAR teams – this eventually led to the full-fledged comeback as a dedicated F1 works team in 2005 with Honda gaining full ownership of British American Racing.

ep3 2 EP3 Civic Type R

2004 saw this successful CTR updated with many improvements – revised EPS with quicker steering, revised suspension settings, HID headlamps (JDM only), lighter clutch and flywheel assembly etc; based on Honda literature, this facelifted (FL) model was targeted at addressing customers’ and critics’ feedback such as understeer on the limit (due to the front Macpherson strut setup), numb steering response and lack of low end torque.

ep3 3 EP3 Civic Type R

Performance (all figures are aprox)

0-60mph in 6.6/6.8secs (JDM/EDM pre-FL), 6.2/6.4secs (JDM/EDM FL) 0-100mph in 15.4/16secs (JDM/EDM FL) Top Speed 147 mph (237 km/h)

ep3 4 EP3 Civic Type R

Honda Civic EP3 Type-R 0-200km/h

Fifthgear Race: EP3 Honda Civic Type-R vs Clio 182 Cup

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