NA1 Honda NSX Type R

Posted on November 17th, 2010 by Shenron
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NA1 Honda NSX Type-R (1992 - 1994)

Beginning in 1992 Honda produced a limited number of 483 NSX Type R’s exclusively for the Japanese domestic market. Major changes include a blueprinted engine producing 280 bhp (209 kW) in stock form, a different final ratio for the gearbox, a more aggressive suspension and an extensive weight reduction to 1230 kg (2712 lb) from 1350 kg (2976 lb). The NSX-R was very track oriented as it lacked sound deadening, audio and air conditioning in an effort to reduce weight. However, these items were available for a hefty premium as optional items. Production ended in 1994.

NA1 NSX type r NA1 Honda NSX Type R

NA1 NSX1 NA1 Honda NSX Type R

NA1 NSX2 NA1 Honda NSX Type R

NA1 NSX3 NA1 Honda NSX Type R

NA1 NSX4 NA1 Honda NSX Type R

NA1 NSX5 NA1 Honda NSX Type R

Race between NSX-R and the NSX S Zero at the Suzuka circuit

Ayrton Senna drives the Honda NSX Type R on the Suzuka race track

Motorweek testing the Honda NSX NA1

Test of the NSX Type R with commentary by a guy whos accent is very funny

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