NA2 Honda NSX Type R

Posted on November 17th, 2010 by Shenron
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NA2 Honda NSX Type-R (2002 – 2005)

A second iteration of the Type-R dubbed NSX-R was released in 2002, again exclusively in Japan. The NSX-R has a more aggressive rear spoiler and hood vent, along with various refinements to reduce weight to 1270 kg (2800 lb). The rear spoiler was said to be the largest one-piece carbon-fibre spoiler in production cars. Under the body, panels and air fences in the front along with a small rear diffuser serve to produce balanced “negative lift” or downforce. The subtle changes along with its renowned handling have kept NSX-R competitive on the track even against considerably higher-powered cars.

A more agile, more responsive, and quicker limited edition NSX called the NSX-R GT was later released. This model was limited to a production run of five cars. This NSX was created to help Honda comply with the Super GT production-based race car homologation requirements. It is easily identifiable by the non-functional snorkel attached to the roof of the car (the snorkel is fully functional in the Super GT race cars), lower and widened body, and more aggressive aerodynamic components.

NA2 NSX type r NA2 Honda NSX Type R

NA2 NSX1 NA2 Honda NSX Type R

NA2 NSX2 NA2 Honda NSX Type R

NA2 NSX3 NA2 Honda NSX Type R

NA2 NSX4 NA2 Honda NSX Type R

NA2 NSX5 NA2 Honda NSX Type R

NA2 NSX6 NA2 Honda NSX Type R

NA2 NSX7 NA2 Honda NSX Type R

Honda NSX NA2 pushed hard on the race track

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