The History of the Honda Civic

Posted on January 26th, 2012 by Shenron
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Honda has a long history in the development of motorized vehicles. In the beginning, Honda was known for their production of motorcycles. However, they eventually decided to diversify and delve into the production of automobiles as well. In 1973, Honda landed on the car screen when it revealed to the world its Honda Civic. This vehicle was quite revolutionary in a sense. It was a smaller vehicle, measuring only 139.8 inches in length, but inside provide a great deal of space. Continuing its theme of efficiency, the Honda Civic also offered drivers good gas mileage without compromising its speed.

Honda Civic Type R The History of the Honda Civic

Initially, Honda had made two models of the Civic which included a hatchback and a sedan. While these were relatively similar, they did differ in some ways. The sedan’s back part was extended. This permitted easier access to the trunk. In 1995, the Civic underwent another major change when it featured a control vortex combustion chamber also known as CVCC. This new addition made emissions from the car much cleaner. It also made it possible to use fuel other than unleaded.

From 1980 to 1983, the Civic went under significant changes to its design as it became much more attractive. What this did was help increase demand for the Honda Civic as both a new and used card. Overall, the Honda Civic’s first seven generations featured conservative designs for the car. Each generation featured models with some similarities. The 8th generation deviated significantly from this by going with a sleeker design.

Over the years, the Honda Civic has been a popular car. Many people have purchased the vehicle. This means that as they replace their Civic with another vehicle, the number of used Civics has been steady. This has been beneficial for many who prefer to obtain a used Honda Civic.

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